Crokinole Button Tray
Crokinole Button Tray

Crokinole Button Tray

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These trays keep your peices from falling off the table, being scrambled up with your 20 point pieces, and generally makes for a more convienent and simple way to play. 

  • Stops new players from putting and picking their pieces via the ditch at the start of game play
  • Prevents pieces from falling off the table
  • Keeps your game organized as to how many pieces you've shot

Types of Trays:

  • Select between 8 player disc tray for tournament play or 12 player disc tray for traditional play
  • 8 player only works well with round boards
  • 12 player works well with both round and octagon boards

Discs are not included.

12 Button tray coming soon.


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