Crokinole Wall Mounting Screw Kit
Wall Mounted Crokinole Board

Crokinole Board Wall Mounting Screw - For Drywall Application

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All you need is a screw driver!

Get a Phillips-Roberston #2 screwdriver and put the screw inside the plastic sheath. Screw it straight into the drywall, leaving enough space between the head of the screw and the wall so that the crokinole board lip will hang on it.

The wall mounting screw we sell can hold up to 63 pounds and our heaviest board is 19.75. So you will be set for any board under 63 pounds, which is like all boards, unless your board is made out of pure gold or something!

This wall mounting screw will work only on boards that have a lip or built in wall hanger. Do not use this board with The World Famous or Tournament Board.

This screw set works with: