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Traditional Size Crokinole Board Plans

Traditional Size Crokinole Board Plans

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So many of us have fond memories surrounding Crokinole. The young and the young-at-heart will sit around the board having great fun! Start your first woodworking project by making a traditional size crokinole board with plans supplied by Crokinole Canada. It's a great weekend project!

Crokinole Board Game Plans Include:

  • Large blueprint / pattern
  • Design for 24" playing surface crokinole board
  • Optional: Full set of 26 black & natural wood traditional size discs -  1/8" diameter x 13/32" thick (2.9cm wide x 1cm thick), with a cloth drawstring pouch (holds 26 discs)
  • Optional: 8 brass screws with rubber latex for bumpers
  • Players manual and scoring cards
  • 200 free scorecards PDF: Download now

A great game, developed right here in Canada!

Please Note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

In stock!

Testimonial on Crokinole Plans:

Good Afternoon!

My partner had talked about playing Crokinole in her childhood growing up in northern Ontario and had fond memories of it.
First, I had never heard of it and I’m from Southern Ontario. We have both moved to an island on the very bottom tip of Nova Scotia and started bee keeping.

Long story short, I did some checking and landed on your site and ordered the bits and pieces and plans to build her a board for her birthday and use our new logo.

It has a plywood playing surface with a laser etched logo. The gutter is made of boards from the upstairs of my uncles fish hut - they are about 100 years old. The rails are from my grandfather's boat shop. The copper braces are hardware hangers for copper pipe hammered flat. The surface and gutters have been done with a product called enviro Tex light.

The playing surface is anchored with copper nails. Attached are a few pictures. Thanks for the plans, it was a cool project with great results and she loves it.


Here is a board Peter made with the plans:

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      We love to create unique Canadian made crokinole boards and also sell the top of the line tournament specification boards. We have our own line of crokinole boards called The Crokinole Canada boards.

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