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Beginner Carrom / Pinnochi Board Set - With Optional Cues - American Style

Beginner Carrom / Pinnochi Board Set - With Optional Cues - American Style

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This is a Carrom Board similar to the one produced by the Carrom Company in Michigan. It comes with a board that is 30.75 inches and a playing surface of 29 inches. It has a nice lazy susan built into it as well as sliding powder. It comes with an abundance of discs (including a drawstring pouch) and 2 optional carrom cues for the American style play.

This game is a combination of two classic board games - carrom and pinnochi. The object of this "finger pool" game is to strike a larger disc so that it contacts lighter discs and propels them into 1 of 4 corner pockets. But you must sink your pieces before the opponent sinks theirs. Plus, the queen must be pocketed and "covered" by pocketing one of one's own pieces on the same or a subsequent shot. It is a very historic game, first played in India.


  • Durable MDF carrom board
  • 30.75 inches wide with a 29 inch playing surface
  • 30 game pieces with a storage pouch
  • Wooden striker
  • Sliding powder
  • Rules for carrom and pinnochi included
  • Measures 31 1/2" x 31 1/2"
  • Built in lazy susan to easily align your shot
  • Optional cues
  • Made in Canada
  • Ages 6 and up can play

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony RUBIO
A good mix between fun and fun!

I was expecting having a lot of fun with my 2 purchases.the original crokinole and the pichenotte...the American style carrom, named pichenotte for Canadians is funny and similar to billard. A good point is the possibility to move the board and to play 2 games: carrom or pichenotte. Both are cool but I think it miss something to make this game a hit.. but it is. Action game and the board is awesome. Beautiful and well made.. about the crokinole this one is absolutely the winner. Lot of fun, excellent and beautiful board. Good accessories to make it more enjoyable. ( I took the colors buttons) And a 2 or a 4 game is absolutely enjoyable..very easy to understand and very funny to play...the winner by ko is crokinole. Happy to make my family and friends play the game and I think about buying another one as a gift for our french family..
Bravo to the team..was helpful and the shipping was secure and fast for a delivery in France... thanks

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