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Custom Photo Board - Tournament Crokinole Board Game Set - Meets NCA Standards

Custom Photo Board - Tournament Crokinole Board Game Set - Meets NCA Standards

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Enjoy playing on this Tournament-size, eye-catching Crokinole Board, handcrafted in Canada with genuine Canadian Maple.

The playing surface is 26 inches in diameter with a 2 inch ultra-smooth, black, finished gutter  and a half inch tall playing deckThe multi-step lacquering and buffing process applied to this board ensures a consistent, smooth playing surface for a fun game of crokinole.

Everyone and anyone who plays on this board will enjoy the latex covered posts which provide an amazing bounce, sometimes landing the crokinole disc in the middle 20 point hole after both calculated or non-calculated shots!

This board is a beauty to behold and it includes the wonderful option to have your own stock or personal photograph printed on the board. Click here for this option or just leave it as you see it featured on this page. It is visually stunning!

Scoring lines and numbers are all printed in crisp detail. The back of the board is painted entirely black with a white checkerboard printed in the center. Clean white feet are installed on the bottom for complete stabilization of the board.

This board is truly an offer-it-all show piece. It includes a free wall mounting bracket for display. You will not find another one like it!


  • 26-inch-wide with 1/2-inch-tall premium playing surface
  • 2-inch-wide finished gutter, painted black
  • 1 5/8-inch-high, 1/4-inch-thick sturdy circular frame
  • Back of the board is painted black with a white checkerboard
  • Crisp, traditional Scoring Numbers printed on the board
  • Brass posts covered in black sleeves for optimal bounce back shots
  • Sturdy white feet evenly spaced on the underside to provide overall stability
  • Personalized photo or artwork printed right onto the board in beautiful, vivid, and crisp detail

How to personalize this board:

Included with the board:

  • 26 Tournament Size crokinole discs (two sets of 13 in two different colours)
  • Your choice of disc colours: green, red, white, blue, black, natural
  • Set of 2 Acrylic Crokinole Disc Storage Tubes / 20 Holders
  • Crokinole board powder (80 grams)
  • Crokinole Rules in English and French
  • Tournament Level Score Cards Included along with a Catalogue and Coupon for your next purchase from us!
  • Free wall mounting bracket

Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

Stock / Availability

  • 1-2 month lead time

The Story Behind The Crokinole Canada Board

Ted Fuller of Crokinole Canada decided to venture out and improve various features on tournament size Crokinole boards. That was the simple premise behind the development of the highly-anticipated Crokinole Canada board.

The board itself is a result of much customer feedback. Questions coming from customers perusing Crokinole Canada’s showroom at 5 Industrial Road and online were something like this: “Where are the numbers on these boards?” and “Can I get an image printed on this board?” and “Is there checkers on the back of this board?” It made Ted stop and think that it was time to introduce a new board in the crokinole board arena. With that in mind, he contacted his brother in law and his brother in law’s business partner to come up with something amazing - something that would bring Crokinole back as a 21st Century Game.

To do so, Ted brought 2 tournament level boards meeting NCA specifications to the craftsmen in order to achieve tournament size specifications and add some winning crokinole board traits which were missing from existing tournament size boards.

This is the first time that a tournament board integrates crisp, smaller scoring numbers for games up to 100. Many traditional crokinole players are comfortable playing with that point system as they grew up doing so (I know I grew up using the 5, 10, 15, 20 point system).

The craftsmen setup a multi-step finishing / buffing process to ensure each board is smooth! By making a smooth playing surface and adding the option of custom high resolution UV photographic prints across the entire board - Crokinole Canada has made the game not only wonderful to play on but truly an art piece to display and enjoy on your wall. Which is why we've included a free wall mounting bracket!

And that my friends is the story behind The Crokinole Canada Board. We have had tons of fun coming up with this board and trust that it will afford you many hours of sweet memories and enjoyment.

Enjoy playing on this super fun, smooth surfaced tournament size Crokinole Board / work of ART!

Image Policy for the Crokinole Canada Board Series

We accept family photos, wedding photos, nature photos, and only photos to which you have the legal license to use. High resolution, large photos are the best to work with!

We will also license photographs from for you should you find an image on that website which you like. Simply download the preview image on that site and upload it here.

We reserve the right to refuse certain photographs which contain illegal or inappropriate content. We also cannot use copyrighted images. We also cannot accept Premium Images from Adobe Stock as they are very costly to license.

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Family run business

Crokinole Canada is a family run operation consisting of Ted Fuller, the President, and Alanda Fuller, the Treasurer / Secretary. We have 3 sons Aaron (7), Caleb (5), and Abel (2). We also have a small team picking, packing and sending from our warehouse, typically 2 to 3 people. Crokinole Canada also operates (Mr.Crokinole),, Carrom Canada, and a variety of other small businesses.

We love to create unique Canadian made crokinole boards and also sell the top of the line tournament specification boards. We have our own line of crokinole boards called The Crokinole Canada boards.

We put faith in God first and have trusted Jesus Christ as our living Savior and Lord. We desire that our business reflects our faith in God and gives people an opportunity to experience the life-transforming love and presence of Jesus, God's Son, who desires all to be saved by faith in His sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection which paid for our sins. We want all people to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. See 1 Timothy 2.

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