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Crokinole Canada - Championship Tournament Crokinole Board Kit

Crokinole Canada - Championship Tournament Crokinole Board Kit

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The Crokinole Canada - Tournament Crokinole Board Kit contains our tournament-level Crokinole Canada board with all the accessories you'd ever want. It's perfect for those who want to be fully committed to their crokinole game right out of the gate!


Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

Video Review of The Crokinole Canada - Tournament Crokinole Board Kit:

Video Review of Crokinole Canada Board:

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About Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Canada is owned and operated by The Fuller Family. Ted, Alanda, Aaron, Caleb and Abel are all actively involved in the business. Crokinole Canada utilizes about 10 different workshops ranging from backwoods country shops to inner-city shops making crokinole boards for them. All crokinole boards are made in Canada from quality materials and with attention to quality control from the time the board is made to the day it leaves our warehouse door. We look forward to providing our customers with beautifully crafted boards for years to come. God Bless you and yours! - The Fullers

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