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Pro Crokinole Accessory Bundle

Pro Crokinole Accessory Bundle

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The Pro Crokinole Accessory Bundle is designed for those who have a great Crokinole Board but need protection for their board, an even faster game, more discs for more people, easy scoring methods and maintenance solutions to keep the board clean. This kit is the perfect gift for the Crokinole players in your family:


  • A padded carrying case for travelling
  • Acrylic 20-point trackers (works only on round tournament crokinole boards)
  • 78 discs for playing (comes with storage tubes) - please select the correct size of discs
  • A wall hanger for displaying the board
  • Polish for cleaning marks off the board
  • Powder for faster sliding action on the board
  • Scorepads for tournament-style scoring
  • A handmade 4 player point tracker with brass scoring pegs
  • Gameplay instructions / rules so there's no question about how to play!

 Please Note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.