The Crokinole Canada Board

The Crokinole Canada Board

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Become a Tournament Champion on this Tournament-level, world class Crokinole Board, handcrafted to the same specifications as a Canadian National Crokinole Association tournament board.

The playing surface is genuine, beautiful Canadian maple, 26 inches in diameter with a 2 inch ultra smooth black finished gutter.

The multi-step lacquering process applied to this board ensures a consistent, glassy-like smooth playing surface for professional and beginning shooters alike.

Everyone and anyone who plays on this board will enjoy the latex covered posts which provide an amazing bounce, sometimes landing the crokinole disc in the middle 20 point hole after both calculated or non-calculated shots!

This board is a beauty to behold as it includes the wonderful option to have your own photograph printed on the board or one preselected art piece of your choice. It is visually stunning!

Scoring lines and numbers are all printed in high resolution and a checkers board is neatly printed on the back. This board is truly an offer-it-all show piece and Tournament player’s delight. You will not find another one like it!


  • 26-inch-wide with 1/2-inch-tall premium maple playing surface
  • 2-inch-wide finished gutter
  • 1 3/4-inch-high, 1/4-inch-thick sturdy circular frame
  • Handcrafted to NCA (National Crokinole Association) tournament board standard
  • Playing surface matches speed of tournament boards

Other Features:

  • Brass posts covered in black sleeves for optimal bounce back shots
  • Rubber feet evenly spaced on the underside to provide overall stability
  • Traditional Scoring Numbers Up to 100 printed on the board for every generation of Crokinole Player
  • Personlized photo or artwork printed right onto the board in beautiful, vivid, high resolution colours (Select your photograph from and upload the preview image to our website and we will license the image for you as part your purchase. Please note that premium images costing over $100 are excluded from this option. Contact us at if you have questions about this.
  • Checkers / Chess Board Printed On The Back


  • 26 crokinole discs (two sets of 13 in two different colours)
  • Your choice of disc colours: green, red, white, blue, black, natural
  • Cloth drawstring disc pouch
  • Crokinole Rules in English and French
  • Tournament Level Score Cards Included along with a Catalogue and Coupon for your next purchase from us!
  • Crokinole powder (80 grams of wax included)
  • 20s cup for the centers you score!

The Story Behind The Crokinole Canada Board

Ted Fuller of Crokinole Canada decided to venture out and improve various features on tournament level Crokinole boards. That was the simple premise behind the development of the highly-anticipated Crokinole Canada board. The board itself is a result of much customer feedback. Questions coming from customers perusing Crokinole Canada’s showroom at 5 Industrial Road and online were something like this: “Where are the numbers on these tournament boards?” and “Can I get an image printed on this board?” and “Is there checkers on the back of this board?” It made Ted stop and think that it was time to introduce the new standard in the tournament level boards arena. With that in mind, he contacted his brother in law and his brother in law’s business partner to come up with something amazing - something that would bring Crokinole back as a 21st Century Game. To do so, Ted brought 2 tournament level boards meeting NCA specifications to the craftsmen in order to not only achieve NCA specifications but to build on top of these features and add additional game winning crokinole board traits. As a result, Crokinole Canada has been blessed and enabled to come up with maybe the best Tournament Level Board and perhaps the most visually exciting tournament board you’ll find on the market today. We believe if you try out The Crokinole Canada Board that you’ll never look back.

We have setup a multi-step finishing process to ensure each board is as smooth as it can possibly be! By improving the smoothness of the playing surface and adding the option of custom high resolution UV photographic prints across the entire board - Crokinole Canada has made the game not only a dream to play on but truly an art piece to display and enjoy on your wall.

This is also the first time that a tournament board also integrates clean looking, smaller scoring numbers for games up to 100. Many traditional crokinole players are comfortable playing with that point system as they grew up doing so (I know I grew up using the 5, 10, 15, 20 point system). We included the scoring numbers in a professional way so that this board is inviting to all generations and players - while still easily played as a tournament board too!

In designing the Crokinole Canada board, two other reputable tournament level boards which meet NCA specifications were sampled and de-constructed to come up with a smoother playing surface and ditch on The Corkinole Canada Board. We also had the Crokinole Canada Board stress tested, literally dropping the board from a height to see how it performed during a fall. This ensures that we build a strong rim that can withstand shipping damage as well!

In addition to the creation of the board itself, we also have heavily refined our packaging process to ensure that your Crokinole Canada board is protected during shipping. In the event that the board is damaged upon arrival, we will replace or refund your board depending on the severity of the damage.

And that my friends is the story behind The Crokinole Canada Board. We have had tons of fun coming up with this board and trust that it will afford you many hours of sweet memories and enjoyment.

Enjoy playing on this super fun, glassy-like surface, tournament specification Crokinole Board / work of ART!

Image Policy for the Crokinole Canada Board

We accept family photos, wedding photos, nature photos, and only photos to which you have the legal license to use.

We will also license photographs from for you should you find an image on that website which you like. Simply download the preview image on that site and upload it here.

We reserve the right to refuse certain photographs which promote illegal or inappropriate content. We also will not accept Premium Images from Adobe Stock.

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