World Crokinole Championship 2019 - Abijah Jongsma - Recreational Singles & Doubles World Champion

Abijah Jongsma (left) is the 2019 World Crokinole Champion in Recreational Singles!

Crokinole Canada is pleased to announce that our sponsored player Abijah Jongsma of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada captured the 2019 Recreational Singles Title and the 2019 Recreational Doubles title at The World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, Ontario.

Abijah has played in several tournaments, in 2011 as the youngest player at 7 years of age. The following year he placed second in the World Junior category, then won first in 2013 and 2014. He followed that with four consecutive titles in the intermediate category from 2015 to 2018. 

Ted Fuller of Crokinole Canada is excited to see young players like Abijah rank well at The World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, Ontario. We wish Abijah the best in future at Crokinole 2020!

Go Abijah!

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