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Crokinole Canada has Crokinole boards and accessories made in:

  • St.Jacobs, Ontario - Crokinole Canada Boards
  • Clifford, Ontario - Crokinole Canada Boards
  • Moorefield, Ontario - Crokinole Canada Boards
  • Gorrie, Ontario - Crokinole Canada Boards
  • New Hamburg, Ontario - The Mountie Boards
  • Stratford, Ontario - Crokinole Cues
  • Elmira, Ontario - Tracey Boards
  • Woodstock, Ontario - Eddycrest Boards
  • London, Ontario - Deluxe Inlay Boards
  • Forest Glade, Nova Scotia - Muzzies Boards
Please note that we do have our own line of boards made exclusively for Crokinole Canada. Any board with the Crokinole Canada logo is made exclusively for us.

See this page for photos of of Nova Scotia supplier's beautiful shop. Our supplier list is growing. Contact us if you would be interested in supplying crokinole boards.