The World Champion - Video Testimonial from S. Brugman, Netherlands

Re. Crokinole Board Replacements
I can't say enough good things about my interactions with Crokinole Canada.  They answered my initial questions via email promptly and we settled on the Baltic Bircher and ordered 3 boards.  When the boards arrived, they had some problems with the finish so we notified Ted and Alanda Fuller of the issues and they immediately sent out replacement boards - no questions asked!  In fact, they had sold out of the Baltic Birchers, so to make sure we had our boards before Christmas, they sent out upgraded boards instead. The new boards miraculously arrived before Christmas (only 9 days shipping to Utah, USA) and in perfect condition. We are thrilled with the quality and workmanship of these boards, they are beautiful.  More importantly we were amazed at the integrity and personal ethics of Ted and Alanda and their efforts in resolving the issues we had.  They went above and beyond our expectations. These are truly people you can trust.  They stand by their products and their company.  Thank you for an awesome customer experience!   Linda V.

Re: Rubber Replacements for Crokinole Posts
"I was very fortunate and pleased to have dealt with Crokinole Canada. Ted was always available in a most friendly helpful knowledgeable way to solve my problem. Five stars for this company" - J. Kerr

Re: 26 Replacement Pieces
"Thank you so much for the prompt service!  I ordered a set of crokinole replacement pieces and received them today. They are a gift for my aunt and uncle who had a board but no pieces.  Love that I could find some for them and order them in Canada! Keep up the good work." - S. Collins

Re: The World Famous Crokinole Board Game Set
" This was my first crokinole board and honestly the first time I had ever played the game. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and was fascinated by how simple it was and how complicated it could be. This board is very solid and the sound that it makes while the pieces slide around is extremely satisfying. I am glad that I went with a round board, just passing the pieces by sliding them around the gutter between matches is fun. The seller was very responsive and the quality of his work is professional and thoughtful. The only downside I can name is that coming through customs took a little longer than I anticipated, I guess I was just anxious to start playing. Buy this game if you can, I’ve already got 3-4 friends fired up and ready to buy their own boards." B. Haslow

Re: The Baltic Bircher Crokinole Board Game Set
"Shipping came fast from Canada down to Texas. Wonderful craftsmanship and plays really well!" L. Le

Re: The Golden Standard Crokinole Board Game Set

"Beautiful board, and received quickly. Clear gaming instructions. Have already ordered more supplies! Thanks!" C. Koopman

Re: The World Champion Crokinole Board Game Set
"We received the crokinole board and have played several rounds. It is
a beautiful piece of work. Our congratulations." K. Jenkins

Re: The Gold Standard Crokinole Board Game Set
I purchased our first Crokinole board this Christmas for our son. We shopped both online at amazon as well as doing a general Google search. I noticed that Crokinole Canada's website looked professional, and prices were comparable to the bulk stores on Amazon. I like to support small business, even if it sometimes means things will take a little longer. However, this was not the case, we got the board in a timely manner, the workmanship was wonderful, and the follow up service was far above board. If I could rate them on their website it would be an easy five stars. I highly recommend supporting this up and coming business. 

Re: The Crokinole Carrying Case (Padded)
The crokinole board padded storage bag that I ordered from you arrived in
today's mail. Thank you so very much! It is even nicer than I expected, and
it is spacious enough that I can store both of my boards in it
back-to-back. I am very happy with my purchase.
D. Kornelsen

Re. The Baltic Bircher

Dear Ted,
I wish to thank you for your kind service yesterday. It certainly was divine intervention, as to when I arrived to pick up a less expensive crokinole board, there in front of me was the “Baltic Bircher”, the board I really wanted but was told I had to wait at least three weeks for them to arrive. And on top of that, because it was damaged and had to be fixed, you gave me a discount which then allowed me to purchase two matching cues.

When I got back to my daughter’s home and opened the instructional envelope, I was pleasantly surprised that you love Jesus…just like we do! Now I am truly blessed with a most beautiful crokinole board that will bless others when we are playing on it in New Zealand…blessings all around!

Thank you again for your kindnesses. My daughter looks forward to purchasing one as well in the near future.

It was a pleasure to meet you and browse the beautiful crokinole boards. They truly are works of art.

God Bless!


Re. 2 Crokinole Cues
5 Stars to Crokinole Canada for a high quality product and to Ted for the excellent Customer Service he provided. The great communication and unbounded help you provided was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend this Company.

K. Norris

Re. 4 Player Disc Party Pack
Excellent. I make the boards and having access to parts and accessories is awesome. Great service.

R. Glover

Re. Crokinole Canada Board

Ted and his staff at Crokinole Canada do an amazing job.  The board itself is a true work of functional art.  Just an excellent board.  The packaging is mind blowing how well thought out and constructed it really is.  Shipping was greased lightning fast.  From Ontario to British Columbia in nine days.  This board will without doubt become a family heirloom.  Usually for that to happen I will need to die.  Life on planet earth is a temporary deal.  Ted included information on the good news that leads to eternal life.  This was done, I believe, because Ted has a love for people and wishes the absolute best for all people. This good news is life changing now and forever.

Ted walks the walk and it shows in how he runs his business.

Colossians 3:23 "And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father".

It is a pleasure to do business with Ted and Crokinole Canada.  Highly recommended for sure.

Now for the exception, which Ted has no control over.  UPS left the package on the doorstep mere inches away from the doorbell.   They took a picture to show it had been delivered but couldn't ring the bell. Too time consuming I suppose.  I happened to be home but had no idea it had been left there.  Easy pickings for our local porch pirates.  Ironically, I had another package dropped off later that day.  Purolator rang the bell to let me know the package had been delivered.  When choosing a shipping option go with Purolator if possible.

Thank you Ted and all your staff at Crokinole Canada.

K. Ferguson