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Our History & Mission

Crokinole Canada was founded by Ted & Alanda Fuller in January 2018. Crokinole Canada started as a drop ship operation for some of the most respected and major Crokinole Brands in the maker space including Tracey Boards, and EddyCrest Co.


While continuing to this present day to buy wholesale and retail great crokinole boards, Ted worked with his brother in law and business partner to create the Crokinole Canada Board, a board which addresses many of the things that were lacking on the highest level boards - such as point numbers, a super smooth ditch, and a fully painted back with checkers. In addition to creating Crokinole Canada's flagship Crokinole Board, Ted & Alanda supported new manufacturer start ups and through them introduced The Gold Standard Walnut Edition Crokinole Board, The Deluxe Crokinole Board, and The Baltic Bircher. Photographic crokinole boards were also introduced to Canadians by Crokinole Canada and a custom print website so crokinole players could have their own photo printed on a tournament level board! 

Another division of Crokinole Canada was founded a few years into the business called "Artisan Crokinole Boards". This carried some of the most creative and artistic boards Ted has ever sold. These boards can be viewed at www.crokinoleboards.com. A few years into selling these boards Ted decided to put them all under the brand name "Crokinole Canada".

Crokinole Canada currently carries boards made in Ontario We are dedicated to providing a wide selection of basic crokinole boards as well as top-quality boards made to last for generations.

Crokinole Canada has operations at 3 different locations in addition to all the shops where our boards are manufactured. We begin preparing our stock levels a year in advance in order to not dissapoint anyone at Christmas time!

Crokinole Canada strives to provide top quality customer service and include a 1 year limited warranty on all our boards.


Here's a Clip of Our Original "About Us" (When We Started Up!)

Crokinole Canada is owned and operated by Ted Fuller, a "recreational" crokinole player himself. Yes, he's been to the World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, ON (twice) and Ted's family has enjoyed playing crokinole for generations.

As a young entrepreneur, Ted decided to purchase www.crokinole.ca in 2010 with the hopes of someday starting an online supply shop for high-quality crokinole boards and accessories.

Well, today that dream is coming to fruition! After having varying degrees of success and failure in several other online businesses, Ted has started building Crokinole Canada with the hopes of making it the #1 go-to website for crokinole boards and accessories.

Ted has obtained permission to list several high-quality boards on his website from some of the best crokinole craftsmen in Canada. Without their support, he would not be able to operate the business. They are truly the backbone of the high quality crokinole boards you see on our website. Crokinole Canada in turn provides these businesses a front line sales and marketing outlet so they can focus on what they do best - designing and developing super amazing crokinole boards!

Ted's number one goal as the owner of Crokinole Canada is to provide the best customer service and the highest quality boards. He believes that because crokinole is such a relational game, the company he has founded should put a top priority on relationships with everyone involved!

Important details like a customer service phone number, a walk-in welcoming warehouse, and a website and on location point-of-sale system are all some of the things he is working on providing to his customers for a good purchasing experience.

Crokinole Canada (www.crokinole.ca) desires to be the best place online to buy high-quality, handcrafted Canadian crokinole boards and crokinole accessories. Currently, the crokinole boards we supply are beautifully finished to last for generations.