Common Customer Questions

Common Customer Questions

Crokinole how to play:

  • View the World Crokinole Championship rules here.

Crokinole how many pieces:

Competitive and Recreational Doubles
6 discs each per round X 4 rounds = 1 game - 6 games = a match
Cue Doubles
5 discs each per round X 4 rounds = 1 game - 6 games = a match
Adult and Recreational Singles
8 discs each per round X 4 rounds = 1 game - 10 games = a match
Cue Singles
6 discs each per round X 4 rounds = 1 game - 10 games = a match
Junior and Intermediate
6 discs each per round X 4 rounds = 1 game - 6 games = a match

Crokinole how to make:

  • See how to make a crokinole board here.

Crokinole how to shoot:

Flick or shoot the disc toward the intended target, usually the 20's hole or the opposing player's disc. Flicks are most often made with the index finger and the thumb or with the use of a crokinole cue (similar to a pool cue). Before a shot can be made, all discs shot from the previous turn must not be in motion. A disc can only be shot from a flat, stationary position, and must be touching the shooting line of the player's quadrant. Or it can be touching both the shooting line and a player's quadrant dividing line. Once a disc leaves the finger or cue, a shot is judged to have taken place. The board or the chair of any player cannot be moved or rotated while the game is in progress, unless a lazy susan is being used on the board. When a player is shooting at least one portion of his/her bottom must be in contact with the seat of his/her chair (The One Cheek Rule).

How to play 4 player crokinole

Crokinole how to say:

Crokinole how to play video:

How to make crokinole discs:

How to wax crokinole board:

See our maintenance kit for the products in this video:

How to clean a crokinole board:

See our crokinole maintenance products.

How old is Crokinole?:

The earliest known crokinole board was made by craftsman Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. 

How to store a Crokinole Board:

Don't store it in direct sunlight. Hang it on a wall or leave it laying flat. You can hang it at an angle on our brackets too. The key is just to have it in a safe position where it won't get knocked off the wall.

Crokinole what does it mean?:

It is from the french word "croquignole" which means donut! A truly Canadian word and game :)

What does Crokinole go up to?:

Traditionally the game goes up to 100 points in as many rounds as required for this. In tournament scoring, the player / team with higher points receives 2 points per round for a win and the losing player / team 0 points. In a tie, both parties receive 1 point. Also, every 20 shot made is recorded. There are 4 rounds in tournament play for one game. For accurate scoring, get our tournament score pad.

What is crokinole wax?

Crokinole wax is a term applied to Crokinole Powder and or a paste applied to the board itself to speed up the game. We sell both the wax and the powder.

Where to buy crokinole boards?

From Crokinole Canada of course!

Crokinole who goes first?

First choose which colour you will play and then grab two discs, mix them up under the table while your opponent cannot see, and then bring them up and have your opponent choose from one of the hands concealing the discs. If they choose their own colour, they go first. If they choose your colour, you go first.

What is a crokinole party?

A crokinole party is a gathering of people to play crokinole on several boards. You choose a partner to play with and play against another couple. The team that wins advances to the highest table (determine what is the "head" table first) and the team that loses is demoted to the next lowest table.

Where to buy crokinole in Canada?

We recommend getting a crokinole board from Crokinole Canada. We offer a wide selection of high quality, tournament and traditional size Crokinole Boards along with a plethora of discs, carrying cases, cues, powder, score cards, and more! We can ship Canada wide from Edmonton, to Calgary, to Toronto, to the United States, and beyond!

What is the diameter of the pins on a regulation crokinole board?

The diameter of the pins (which are actually brass or steel screws covered in latex tubing) is 3.6cm tall, 1cm wide. You can purchase the pins here.

What are the regulation specifications for a tournament style crokinole board?

Here is a diagram which illustrates what a tournament style crokinole board is like. I might add that rubberized posts are also part of a tournament board. We sell boards with these kinds of posts.


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