Crokinole Discs FAQ

What are Crokinole Pieces called?

Crokinole pieces are most often called crokinole pieces. However, they can also be called discs, buttons, counters, chips, pucks, crokinole men, crokinole checkers, crokinole stones, crokinole biscuits, crokinole cookies, crokinoles, crokinole crokes, and crokinole shooters.

What are Crokinole Discs made of?

Crokinoles are made of hard maple that has been wood turned. Our discs are painted with vibrant colours and come with a gloss finish.

How big are Crokinole Discs?

There are three sizes of Crokinole Discs - tournament, traditional, and mini children's size discs. A tournament size crokinole disc is 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick (3.2cm x 0.9cm). A traditional size crokinole disc is 1 1/8" diameter x 3/8" thick (2.9cm x 0.9cm).   A mini size crokinole disc is 1 3/32" diameter x 13/32" thick (2.8cm x 1cm) Tournament size discs play best with a 20 hole that is 1 3/8" (3.5cm) and a 26" playing surface, a tournament board. Traditional and mini size discs play best with a 20 hole that is 1 1/4" (3.2cm) and a 22"- 24" playing surface, a traditional size crokinole board.


  • Hello Britni,
    In a 3 player game, you could each play your own color, so you could just buy an extra set of discs.

  • Hello Michael W.,
    Unfortunately there are not many disc makers in the world and of the 2 that I know of, they don’t produce the 25mm discs for me. I did a quick search online and couldn’t find anyone selling them either.

    Ted Fuller
  • My new Crokinole board came with 25mm (1") discs, and I am desperately searching for extra discs. Apparently this board is sometimes referred to as “mini-crokinole,” but even that term is not standardized. I’ve seen the “traditional” sized board referred to as “mini.” Anyways, I would love to find a source for 25mm discs.

    Michael W.
  • I watched a video that said 3 players could play Crokinole. Is this true? If so, can I order a single color of 12 discs? Or would I need 2 full sets (48 total) to play a 4 person/ 2 people per team game? Thank you!

    Britni Flynn

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