• #1 - The Crokinole Canada Board - Best Overall Craftsmanship

    • NCA Tournament Specification
    • Very Fast Surface
    • Crokinole Scoring Numbers
    • Chess / Checkers on Back
    • Canadian Maple

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  • #2 - The Tracey Tournament Board - Fastest Playing Surface

    • NCA Tournament Specification
    • Super Fast Surface
    • Canadian Maple

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  • #3 - The Royal Red Board - Most Consistent Playing Surface

    • NCA Tournament Specification
    • Uniform Playing Surface
    • Crokinole Scoring Numbers
    • Canadian Maple

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How to choose a crokinole board:

Based on Usage

Choose a crokinole board based on how you will use it. If you want a good quality and good looking, Canadian-made standard Crokinole Board, consider getting The Crokinole Canada BoardThe Royal Red or the Baltic Bircher. If you want to compete in Crokinole Clubs or Tournaments consider getting a Crokinole Canada Board or a Tracey Championship Board or The Royal Red Board. All of these boards are at competition level quality in terms of speed and size. If you're not looking for a tournament board but want a one-of-a-kind creation, take a look at the amazing boards featured on CrokinoleBoards.com. They are perfect wall art and playing boards. If you plan on travelling, a case is a must for a crokinole board to be protected and moved safely. Crokinole Boards are large, some up to 30 inches or more wide. You can either buy a kit that has the case or purchase the case separately with the set you choose.

Based on a Set

To begin with we offer Crokinole Board Game Sets as this is what people shopping for Crokinole typically want - the board, the discs, and the rules. We also ship sliding powder and a 20s cup with most sets but that in essence is what is needed for a good game of Crokinole. Crokinole sets include either larger tournament size boards or smaller traditional octagon boards. Tournament boards are round in shape, making it easier to organize the crokinole pieces between rounds whereas octagon boards are smaller, lighter, and easier to transport. See our comparison chart for the top tournament boards we offer on this website for a more detailed analysis.

Based on a Kit

Take a look at our Crokinole Kits. These are full sets that come with a storage / carrying case, enough discs for 4-player Crokinole, and some kits will ship with storage tubes for the discs. The storage tubes also function very well as 20 point trackers (the middles you score). The kits also include a hand made, laser engraved point tracker for games up to 100 points. This is the traditional scoring method still used by many today. We also include a wall hanging bracket in various kits. As an aside, no assembly work for a kit is required other than mounting the wall bracket for hanging the Crokinole board, if your kit ships with a hanging bracket. Crokinole kits all ship with 500 grams of tournament speed crokinole powder to make the discs slide even better on any board. It is made up of ground up corn and silicone. We like to call it silicorn!

Based on a Budget

If you're looking for a less expensive board but still excellent quality and perfect for Christmas functions, get a Baltic Bircher. If you want a really nice looking Walnut wood board get The Gold Standard Walnut Edition or The Deluxe Traditional Crokinole Board with walnut rails. The Deluxe board is cheaper but looks great and is of great craftsmanship. If you have a smaller budget consider getting a well made Gold Standard.

Based on Discount / Seconds Boards

We also sell discounted boards  on an entirely different site called Crokinole Seconds. The boards on this site are brand new, never used crokinole boards with slight defects in the manufacturing process. Often these defects are just visual and do not affect the play at all. Make sure to look at these boards if you're going for a deal!

Why is there a free newspaper with my order?

Please note that in all our crokinole board purchases we include a free newspaper or tract containing information on entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not religious or promoting any religion but want you to know the one true living God in relationship, which in itself is a free gift. If you would prefer not to have this information sent with your purchase, please let us know in the order notes and we will remove it.

I'm still not sure what Crokinole Board to buy. Can you help?

If you are not sure what you are looking for in a Crokinole Set or Kitsend us an email or give us a call and we'll help you decide! Our phone number is 519-276-8030.

What are my ordering options?

You can order online through this website from Canada, USA, and Internationally.

You can also email us at crokinolecanada@gmail.com with your order and we will send you a payable invoice.

Please include your shipping address and phone number (for the delivery person) if you order via email.

We accept Credit Card, Debit / Credit in store, and even PayPal or e-transfer as required.

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