Crokinole Bumpers - 8 Brass Screws With Rubber Latex

Crokinole Bumpers - 8 Brass Screws With Rubber Latex

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If your crokinole board bumpers have worn out or even fallen out, use these strong brass screws with a generous helping of rubber latex for the optimal bounce.

  • #10 - 1/14" screw
  • 1/2" rubber length
  • 3/4" left at the bottom to anchor with
  • Made of brass
  • Serve as great crokinole board replacement bumpers

Please Note: Make sure to measure the width of your board so your screws will not go through the bottom.

Other Screws

Please note that the rubbers on the screws are cut by a machine by the thousands. Therefore they are not always cut perfectly straight. It is hard to believe, but the machines cutting them do not have the capability to do it perfectly straight. So please note this. They will work for your board but you may have to screw them in a little tighter to make the rubbers flush with the crokinole board. Thank you.

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