Lemon Oil Crokinole Board Polish

Lemon Oil Crokinole Board Polish

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To remove the rubber marks created by a crokinole cue, use Old English lemon oil. It removes all rubber marks very easily and leaves a nice shine on your board! If you don't want rubber marks, buy a plastic tip crokinole cue from Crokinole Canada!

Lemon oil is for primarily cleaning your board. It is not a moisturizer as some claim as it does not penetrate finished wood. Use it sparingly on the marked areas.

Shake well before using. Then pour a small amount of oil on a clean, soft dry cloth. Apply to the surface, rubbing along the grain of the wood. Use more as needed for cleaning and stain removal. Rub out thoroughly, polishing to a rich lustre with another cloth. To remove any wax build-up present from other products, allow oil to stand 20 minutes before wiping dry. Repeat as necessary.

View our crokinole board maintenance tips page here: