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The Crokinole Master - Large Traditional Crokinole Board Game Set

The Crokinole Master - Large Traditional Crokinole Board Game Set

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Now you can relive your childhood memory of crokinole on this rustic Canadian-made Crokinole Board. It's a large board with non-bouncy pegs and lots of space between the pegs - just like the one you grew up with! Please note that this board is not a super smooth board nor is it NCA Standard. It is an old-world style crokinole board of Canadian genus.

The Crokinole Master is your cottage go-to board.

Embodied in this heritage design is the truly traditional Crokinole game - a thick octagonal frame, a large baltic birch playing surface, and a laser engraved design.

In addition to the superb look and feel, this board also is the most innovative of all Crokinole boards - it features an integrated disc storage and dispersion system built right into the back of the board.

It also has a built-in point tracker in the ditch and is wall ready with wall hanging notch cut into the back of the board.

Enjoy playing on this one-of-a-kind crokinole board - The Crokinole Master.


Point Trackers in Ditch & Disc Storage Unit in Back - Laser Engraved Lines & Point Numbers - Made of Russian Birch - Easy Out 20 Hole - Built In Wall Hanging Notch


  • 30 3/4" Board size
  • 26" playing surface
  • 1 3/4" Frame height
  • Laser-etched lines and numbers
  • Brass screws with rubber bumpers
  • Built-in point tracker
  • "Easy-out" 20-hole design
  • Integrated 24 disc storage and dispersion system at the back
  • Wall ready
  • Each board is unique with different highlights on wood

Required with the board (select discs above):

  • 26 Large crokinole discs (24 needed for the game, plus 1 extra of each colour)
  • Your choice of disc colours: black, natural, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, light blue, lime green, and walnut stain
  • Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

Included with the board:

  • 100 grams of crokinole board powder for faster play (put a small amount in the ditch and rub the disc on it before shooting or sprinkle a small amount on the playing surface)
  • Large 20's cup
  • Gameplay instructions and scoring cards
  • 200 scorecards PDF: Download now

View The Crokinole Master Board Kit if you are interested in adding extras to your order.


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Customer Reviews

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High Quality - Excellent Customer Service

I never heard of this game before. Then in one of my catalogs that does not sell games - I saw a crokinole board. I decided to look up the game and do some research on best boards, etc. Crokinole Canada stood out as a top quality board for a competitive price. I ordered the board a few weeks before Christmas and received it within a week of ordering which was great! The board is very well made - all that see it agree that it is unique and of high craftsmanship. I'm not a player (yet) but the pucks glide across the surface like on air and that's before using the special powder (like shuffle boards have) to speed up the pucks. I'm looking forward to learning the game and honing my skills :-)

Thank you so much for your kind review John! Have a Merry Christmas! Ted

Stunning heritage quality board

This is a beautiful board— exquisite craftsmanship; my kids will fight over it after I’m gone.

Christmas Gift

My daughter in New York city played the game with some friends and thought she would get one for the cottage in northern Michigan. Since the family was all going to be home for Christmas with husbands, wives, boyfriends grand kids etc. she got it as an early Christmas present. None of us had played except her but the board came out every night and usually had someone waiting to challenge the winner. The game seemed to created a good casual social atmosphere for the family, thanks. Now that the holiday is over and the out of towners have returned home every now and then my wife asks to play so that she can get good enough to beat our 6 year old grandson.

About Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Canada is owned and operated by The Fuller Family. Ted, Alanda, Aaron, Caleb and Abel are all actively involved in the business. Crokinole Canada utilizes about 10 different workshops ranging from backwoods country shops to inner-city shops making crokinole boards for them. All crokinole boards are made in Canada from quality materials and with attention to quality control from the time the board is made to the day it leaves our warehouse door. We look forward to providing our customers with beautifully crafted boards for years to come. God Bless you and yours! - The Fullers

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