California Gold® Liquid Paste Wax - For Crokinole Board Maintenance & Speed

California Gold® Liquid Paste Wax - For Crokinole Board Maintenance & Speed

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Mothers® Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax is the perfect way to speed up your crokinole board, delivering an even smoother playing surface, especially for plywood crokinole boards which have very small divots in the playing surface.

  • Use this wax for octagon plywood boards only
  • Use the spray wax for round mdf or octagon mdf boards

    Application Tips:

    First clean your board with warm, soapy water and then dry it with a towel. Then apply a thin layer of this wax the same way you'd wax a car. We recommend this paste wax for the plywood octagon boards and the spray wax for the round mdf boards. Note that this paste wax can also be applied to your crokinole discs to make them slide better.

    How to wax the crokinole board:
    • Squeeze small amount of wax on to the surface of the board
    • Get a white paper towel and rub it in using circular motions
    • Make sure you have enough to cover the entire surface of the board (make little spots across the board and rub them in evenly)
    • After rubbing in across the entire board, wait 1 minute or so before getting another white paper towel and rub in even harder until you feel the surface "slip" with your paper towel

    If in doubt, get someone who knows how to wax a car to do it for you.