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Crokinole Score Sheets - Pad of 50 Sheets - Easy Scoring for Beginners

Crokinole Score Sheets - Pad of 50 Sheets - Easy Scoring for Beginners

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This handy scoring pad can be used for regular home play for games up to 100 points. For each round you keep track of the points by shading the player's boxes after each round. Whoever reaches 100 points first wins!

  • Home play scoring sheets for crokinole, 50 per pad
  • Games can be played up to 100 points

How does scoring work in a regular home play crokinole game?

After a round of crokinole is complete, scoring takes place.

Each player or partnership counts their discs in each scoring zone of 5, 10, 15, and 20 for the points scored in the middle hole.

When playing 4 players all playing their own color, just add up the points scored in each zone (like a horserace) until you reach 100 points.

If you are playing 1 vs 1 or teams, then subtract the smaller score from the larger. The player or partnership with the larger score wins the difference in points. Proceed to play as many rounds as you need to until you reach 100 points. Example: The natural color player has 60 points. The black color disc player has 35 points. The natural color disc player is awarded the difference, 25 points.

If neither player or partnership has reach a total of 100 point, the next round is started by the person sitting to the left of the lead shooter. If each is playing their own color, the next shooter is also to the left of the starting shooter.

Can I download a free PDF of printable score cards here?

Absolutely! Here is a link to the PDF so you can download the very same scorecards we are offering above. Download crokinole score cards here.

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About Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Canada is owned and operated by The Fuller Family. Ted, Alanda, Aaron, Caleb and Abel are all actively involved in the business. Crokinole Canada utilizes about 10 different workshops ranging from backwoods country shops to inner-city shops making crokinole boards for them. All crokinole boards are made in Canada from quality materials and with attention to quality control from the time the board is made to the day it leaves our warehouse door. We look forward to providing our customers with beautifully crafted boards for years to come. God Bless you and yours! - The Fullers

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