The Red Maple - Tournament Crokinole Board Game Kit

The Red Maple - Tournament Crokinole Board Game Kit

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Please Note: The Red Maple will be back in stock in mid-late March.

Crokinole Kits

Our crokinole kits are the ultimate expression of the crokinole game, containing not only a high-quality crokinole board but essential extras such as a padded carrying case for protection, storage and transport. Kits also come with enough discs for 4-player crokinole where each player plays their own colour! Kits are a good deal because they bulk all the items together at a lesser rate than buying them separately. And of course, they come with more sliding powder too!

About the Board in this Kit

The Red Maple by Crokinole Canada is a tournament specification, Canadian maple marvel both to look at and to play on. With a beautiful dark stained rail and surface to match along with a built-in "french-cleat" wall hanger, this board proves that it is the best board at home on your wall in championship class, and tournament play. Get this board if you are serious about Crokinole. You won't regret it!


Stained Canadian Maple Surface & Maple Side Rails - Very Fast Playing Surface - Remains dead flat with changing humidity levels - Meets NCA Standards

Board Description

  • Tournament-style maple crokinole board
  • The round shape ensures the distance from the rim to the playing surface remains the same for extra consistent shots.
  • Dimensions: 26″ playing surface, dropping 1/2″ to a full 2″ gutter/ditch. The side rail is 1/4″ solid maple, making the board 30-1/2″ overall. The middle hole is 1-3/8″.
  • Circles are at a radius of 4, 8, and 12″ from the centre. The base and the playing surface are made with premium maple veneers over a ½” MDF core, which ensures the board remains dead flat and doesn’t warp with changes in moisture like solid wood or plywood. The base is all one piece, ditch and back are maple. The 1/4″ outside rim is built up of thin layers of maple strips.
  • Posts are large brass screws covered in black latex rubber
  • The entire board, including the bottom surface, is protected with multi coats of quality lacquer.
  • The playing surface is rubbed, waxed, and buffed in a multi-step process for exceptionally fast play.
  • Comes ready to hang with a “french cleat” hanging block included. The board portion on the cleat system is recessed into the back of the board – so no rough surface or extra thick feet are required to provide spacing.
  • Handmade in Canada

Required with the board (select discs above):

  • 4 colours of large crokinole discs (24 needed for the game, plus 1 extra of each colour)
  • Your choice of disc colours (4 minimum): black, natural, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, light blue, lime green, and walnut stain
  • Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

Included in the kit:

  • The Red Maple tournament crokinole board
  • High-quality, black padded crokinole board carrying case
  • Old English board polish for cleaning and polishing
  • 500 grams fast crokinole powder
  • 500 grams ultra fast crokinole board powder
  • A point tracker up to 100 points with 4 brass pegs
  • A crokinole disc party pack (your choice of disc colours - 4 minimum)
  • A large 20's cup
  • Tournament style score card pad (50 pages)
  • A large, velvet drawstring disc pouch
  • English & French playing instructions
  • Optional: 2 or 4 crokinole cues
  • Optional: 12" lazy susan

Availability / Shipping Time:
In Stock Late March.

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