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Toss-Up Game Set - Play Indoors or Outdoors

Toss-Up Game Set - Play Indoors or Outdoors

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Please Note: There is a 4 week lead time on the manufacturing of this board.

Toss-Up is an exciting twist on the classic cornhole game! With its unique scoring setup, the possibilities are limitless - who will climb to the top of the leaderboard? Toss-Up is an electrifying game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Toss up some excitement today for all your friends and family! It won't disappoint!



  • 2-8 players of all ages and abilities
  • Unique scoring opportunities are available the entire game
  • Foldable for easy travel and storage
  • Single piece piano hinge to join the halves for durability and strength
  • Multiple levels of difficulty for different levels of play

  • Netting under the holes
  • Crafted in Canada with Canadian wood


  • Foldable Toss-Up board at 24"W  x 48"H
  • 5 hacky sacks
  • Large scorepad
  • Stand
  • Carrying case


For 10 rounds, each player tries to outdo their opponents by tossing the bean bags into the highest value holes on their turn. At the end of every turn, each player must add up the points they received and subtract any negative points. The Stop Turn, Wipe Out, and 2500 holes create strategic and dynamic gameplay and unique scoring opportunities.

If you aren’t the highest-scoring player after 10 rounds, there is still a chance to win the game with the redemption round.


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