Innovations in Crokinole by Crokinole Canada (PDF)

Ted Fuller highlights some of the innovations in Crokinole his company Crokinole Canada has been working on in 2023. Download the PDF.

Innovations in Crokinole by Crokinole Canada

By Ted Fuller

Wed May 10, 2023

Article on crokinole.com

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Walnut and Cherry Beginner Board

The Beginner Board (Cherry & Walnut Style) by Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Canada has developed what may be your mother’s favorite crokinole board. Why? Because it is made with melamine - the same stuff her kitchen cabinets are made of! Customers in search of a board with a lower price point but still good quality may be interested in this unique board. Ted says, “I’m happy we were able to get this board made here in Canada. It replaces a board that was made in China and had issues with the middle posts falling out. This board has solidly anchored posts, cnc engraved lines, and a heavier material called melamine that is easy to clean and maintain.”

Link: https://crokinole.ca/products/the-canadian-junior-edition-traditional-crokinole-board-game-set


The Maple Series Boards by Crokinole Canada

We’ve been working on producing boards that are a lot like Muzzies Crokinole boards because while we sell Muzzies boards, we just can’t get enough of them fast enough! So we went to a local manufacturer who is now making these boards for us. They are slightly different than a Muzzies Board. They have a shinier, glassy-like finish to them whereas a Muzzies Board has a more matte finish. The reason we went with the glassy finish was that we were having problems with particles being finished into the surface. And with crokinole that is a non-starter as the goal is to have a completely smooth and fast finish. The new finish is much more consistent and customers are amazed at the “classy” look now that it is a higher lustre finish. It is also a thicker finish that most top-level tournament boards which means it will likely last longer too and not wear through over time. We sell this board with a gorgeous brown stain (the most popular option), a burgundy stain, and a gray stain. They sell out quickly so get yours before they are gone!




Other Innovations by Crokinole Canada

  • Our artisan boards are now made by two manufacturers. One creates the top and the other the base of the board. The boards rails are thinner now and a little more professional looking with a natural maple banding. (Link: https://www.crokinoleboards.com)



Link: The Royal Red:


Link: The Baltic Bircher:




  • The Crokinole Canada board is a very good overall tournament board but we are still shooting to get the fastest finish on that particular board. We have located the finisher of the fastest boards on the market and are hoping they can take on more of our business to literally get this board up to speed!

(Link: Crokinole Canada Board: https://crokinole.ca/collections/crokinole-boards/products/the-crokinole-canada-tournament-board-game-set-meets-nca-standard )