What is crokinole board game?

Crokinole (/ˈkrkɪnl/ KROH-ki-nohl) is a disk-flicking dexterity board game, possibly of Canadian origin, similar to the games of pitchnutcarrom, and pichenotte, with elements of shuffleboard and curling reduced to table-top size. Players take turns shooting discs across the circular playing surface, trying to land their discs in the higher-scoring regions of the board, particularly the recessed center hole of 20 points, while also attempting to knock opposing discs off the board, and into the 'ditch'. In crokinole, the shooting is generally towards the center of the board, unlike carroms and pitchnut, where the shooting is towards the four outer corner pockets, as in pool. Crokinole is also played using cue sticks, and there is a special category for cue stick participants at the World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, Ontario, Canada. (Source: Wikipedia)

What is the approximate shipping cost to Canada, USA, International?

  • Generally the shipping cost to Canada is anywhere from $15 - $45 depending on how close you are to St.Marys, Ontario (where we are based)

  • USA is usually $30 - $55 USD

  • International varies greatly and requires a custom quote. Please contact us.

Roughly how fast is the shipping to Canada, USA, International?

  • Canada shipping is generally 2-5 days

  • USA is generally 5-10 days

  • International is generally 4-6 weeks

Here is a map of our shipping times:

What Crokinole Powder or Wax do you recommend?

  • We do not recommend waxing our brand new boards as they are already very well finished. However, it is a good idea to use this powder to speed up a new board: Fast Shuffleboard Wax. This powder is the tournament standard and is not as fast as the Ultra Fast powder we also sell, obviously!

  • We recommend waxing older boards with a plywood surface using Mothers California Gold Step 3 Wax

  • We recommend waxing newer boards with a veneer surface using Mothers Spray Wax

What size of crokinole discs do I need?

Measure your center 20 hole. If it is 1 3/8" (3.5cm) then you will need tournament size discs. If it is 1 1/4" (3.2cm) then you will need traditional size discs.  The mini discs will fit the 1 1/4" (3.2cm) 20 hole as well.  View our discs here.

Any maintenance tips?

Lemon oil crokinole board polish helps to clean off rubber marks on your board. Using sparingly and clean off when done. See more maintenance tips here.

Is there anything else I should know before purchasing from you?

Please check the availability of the crokinole board you are interested in. It should be in the description. This way you won't purchase a board too late for someone's birthday, a gift to friend, etc.

We also have a warehouse / office where you can see some of the boards (not all!) and purchase on site. It is at 5 Industrial Road, St.Marys, Ontario. N4X 1A1.

How do I play 4 player crokinole?

See here on how to play with 4 players.

What does a good crokinole board typically cost?

Typically, a good Crokinole Board of tournament style will cost around $300 CAD or $250 USD dollars. Good boards are usually made of Maple and have an excellent surface for fast and smooth game play. Here is a link to a good, Maple Crokinole Board: https://crokinole.ca/products/the-crokinole-canada-tournament-board-game-set-meets-nca-standards