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Set of 2 Crokinole 20s Holder

Set of 2 Crokinole 20s Holder

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Drop your 20's in this super simple 20's holder! The Crokinole 20s Holder leaves no guessing as to how many 20s have been scored.

  • Set of 2 clear acrylic plastic 20s holders
  • Each holder holds 8 discs
  • Designed to sit on the frame of a round Tournament Board such as The Tracey Red Tournament Board
  • They can also be flipped upside down and sit on the table to collect 20s for boards with a frame that is too thick.

These 20 holders work with the following boards:

  • The Tracey Red, Black, and Gray Rock Tournament Boards
  • The Crokinole Canada Tournament Board
  • The Royal Red Tournament Board
  • The Red and Gray Maple and the Maple Marvel
  • All Photo Boards

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bernie Range

These are excellent additions to any board, and allow the opponents to see clearly how many 20s each have, so there are no surprises at then end of the game.

Very Useful

One of the most satisfying things in crokinole is getting your disk/button/piece to drop in the 20 hole. With these you also get the satisfaction of putting said piece into your 20 holder for all to see. It really is a lot easier to see how many 20’s each player has this way and makes it faster, easier and a bit classier even. I’d say it’s a must for a tournament style board.

A little pricey but they work just as they should. They are quality items and totally worth it to improve play all around.

Thank you for your review! Ted

Randy W.

Fits the board nicely. Great addition and highly recommend.

Yes, they do work really well for keeping track of the 20s!


It’s awesome!

Bill H
Fits the board nicely

The clear acrylic holder fits the board nicely, the first disk in does not fall out the bottom (trust me with other some holders they will). It is easy to see how well you are doing or how much you must catch up (hopefully the former :) )

In my option this is a must have for anyone who owns a board. I would avoid getting holders anywhere else since they are not designed with your board in mind.

Thanks so much for your kind review Bill! These are very effective holders. They work only with round boards and a thinner rail. Just to clarify for everyone!

About Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Canada is owned and operated by The Fuller Family. Ted, Alanda, Aaron, Caleb and Abel are all actively involved in the business. Crokinole Canada utilizes about 10 different workshops ranging from backwoods country shops to inner-city shops making crokinole boards for them. All crokinole boards are made in Canada from quality materials and with attention to quality control from the time the board is made to the day it leaves our warehouse door. We look forward to providing our customers with beautifully crafted boards for years to come. God Bless you and yours! - The Fullers

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