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The Gold Standard Traditional Crokinole Board Game Kit (Walnut Edition)

The Gold Standard Traditional Crokinole Board Game Kit (Walnut Edition)

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Crokinole Kits

Our crokinole kits are the ultimate expression of the crokinole game, containing not only a high quality crokinole board but essential extras such as a padded carrying case for protection, storage and transport. Kits also come with enough discs for 4 player crokinole where each player plays their own colour! Kits are a good deal because they bulk all the items together at a lesser rate than buying them separately. And of course, they come with more sliding powder too!

About the Board in this Kit

This beautiful crokinole board is hand made in Canada from premium select Walnut veneer and Baltic birch. It is a traditional size board measuring 28-1/2" in diameter with a 24" playing surface. On the reverse side is a 8 x 8 checker board that can be used for chess or checkers.


Point Numbers on Front & Checkers on Back - Walnut Playing Surface & Walnut Side Rails - Smooth Surface


  • 24" Walnut veneer playing surface with 32 mm "20" hole
  • Scoring numbers on the playing surface
  • Walnut side rails
  • Checkers on the back
  • Latex Covered Brass Screws for bumpers (we include a free bumper replacement guarantee in the event that a bumper breaks or needs replacement)
  • Handmade in Canada

    Included in the kit:

    • The Gold Standard traditional size crokinole board (Walnut Edition)
    • High quality, black padded crokinole board carrying case
    • Old English board polish for cleaning and polishing
    • 500 grams fast crokinole powder
    • 500 grams ultra fast crokinole board powder
    • A point tracker up to 100 points with 4 brass pegs
    • Traditional size crokinole disc party pack (78 discs - 13 black, 13 natural, 13 blue, 13 red, 13 green, 13 white)
    • A large 20's cup
    • Tournament style score card pad (50 pages)
    • Large drawstring disc pouch
    • English & French playing instructions
    • Optional: 2 or 4 deluxe optimal length (16.8") crokinole cues

    Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

    View The Gold Standard Crokinole Board Game Set (Walnut Edition) if you are interested in this board without all the extras.

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      Family run business

      Crokinole Canada is a family run operation consisting of Ted Fuller, the President, and Alanda Fuller, the Treasurer / Secretary. We have 3 sons Aaron (7), Caleb (5), and Abel (2). We also have a small team picking, packing and sending from our warehouse, typically 2 to 3 people. Crokinole Canada also operates (Mr.Crokinole),, Carrom Canada, and a variety of other small businesses.

      We love to create unique Canadian made crokinole boards and also sell the top of the line tournament specification boards. We have our own line of crokinole boards called The Crokinole Canada boards.

      We put faith in God first and have trusted Jesus Christ as our living Savior and Lord. We desire that our business reflects our faith in God and gives people an opportunity to experience the life-transforming love and presence of Jesus, God's Son, who desires all to be saved by faith in His sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection which paid for our sins. We want all people to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. See 1 Timothy 2.

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