Collection: Crokinole Canada - Crokinole Boards

Crokinole Canada boards are produced by Ted Fuller's brother in law and friend as well as by a hardworking mennonite guy named Luke and a fun loving gal named Naomi. There is also a family that works on the Deluxe Walnut Rail board for us. Crokinole Canada has specifically commissioned and designed the Crokinole Canada Board, The Royal Red, The Baltic Bircher, The Deluxe Walnut Rail Board, and The Gold Standard Walnut Edition Board. Crokinole Canada has also designed these 20 Holders, The 2 and 4 Player Point Trackers, These Wall Hangers (credit Andrew Fuller), and an entire clothing line centered around crokinole!

However, we don't claim all the credit for these items that we have designed. We know that our gifts and talents are a gift from God, and so ultimately, we pass all the credit on to him for blessing us in this way!

Crokinole Canada Boards are approached with the most pressing needs a crokinole player has today. We don't skimp on quality or on details and you can see the fruit of that effort below! Happy crokinoling! 

Ted & Alanda Fuller (and family!)