• The Maple Marvel Tournament Board Set - Most Beautiful Board

    • Regulation Size & Play
    • Ultra Smooth Playing Surface
    • Made of Canadian Maple MDF
    • Crokinole Scoring Numbers
    • Built In Wall Hanging Mount
    • In Stock and Ships in 3-5 business days to USA & Canada

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  • The Tracey Tournament Board Set - Fastest Play Surface

    • Regulation Size & Play
    • Used at the World Crokinole Champsionship (WCC)
    • Super Fast Surface
    • Made of Canadian Maple MDF
    • In Stock and Ships in 3-5 business days to USA & Canada

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  • The Crokinole Canada Tournament Board Set - Longest Lasting Play Surface

    • Regulation Size & Play
    • Made of Canadian Maple MDF
    • Furniture Grade Finish
    • No Branding
    • Made by Mennonites in Canada
    • In Stock and Ships in 3-5 business days to USA & Canada

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What is Crokinole?

Crokinole is a wooden dexterity game that is a lot like curling. It doesn't have the long strip of ice and is played on a wood target with little wooden discs. The objective is to take turns flicking your discs into the center hole as much as possible. If your opponent's disc doesn't make it to the middle hole, you must shoot them off first. That's where it gets tricky! It is very simple and easy to learn the game of crokinole. Anyone from 5-95 can learn to play in about 2 minutes but it takes a lifetime to master.

Get The Game
  • Option 1 - Choose a Family Style Board Set

    If you simply want to play with family and friends getting a wooden octagon shaped board will be practical and more cost effective in the long run.

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  • Option 2 - Choose a Round Tournament Board Set

    If you want to play competitively you will need to get a round board as they are made of veneered maple MDF and are smoother and faster than most octagon boards.

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  • Option 3 - Get a full Crokinole Kit

    If you would like the full tournament crokinole experience with all the bells and whistles, get a crokinole kit. Kits come with a carrying case for travel and other fun extras.

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Crokinole Canada Overview

Family Crokinole Board Sets

Crokinole Board Sets With Extras



World's Largest Crokinole Board - Certified by Guinness World Records!

Ted Fuller, the founder of Crokinole Canada came across this large crokinole board and purchased it in 2022 from an artist in St.Marys, Ontario, Canada. He then went on to submit this find to the Guinness World Records and obtained official certification from them that he was indeed the owner of the World's Largest Crokinole Board. It stands at 5 feet tall and has 4 ring areas. The middle hole is worth 25 points. It is likely made of Baltic Birch and has removable wooden pegs in the center. Come see this beautiful creation at Crokinole Canada - 136779 13th Line, Lakeside, Ontario.

Come See This Crokinole Board